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Supermarket News

Updated every 48 hours.


Opening Times:NHS/Vulnerable Hours:Online shopping:Click & Collect:

07:30-08:00 NHS priority Monday-Saturday with ID. 08:00-09:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday priority shopping for elderly and disabled customers and carers.

Existing customers only.No
Sainsburys Latest News

The ‘Chop Chop’ service has now been rolled out to 50 stores across 20 cities around the country meaning over 3m families will be able to get groceries delivered directly to the door within the hour. For more information check here- https://www.about.sainsburys.co.uk/news/latest-news

Sainsbury’s is trialling a fast delivery service from it’s closed Blackfriars convenience store. The service called “Chop Chop’ allows customers within 3km of this store to order up to 20 grocery items to be delivered within the hour. Delivery is £4.99 with no minimum basket spend, to find out more visit https://chopchopapp.co.uk/

Enabling more delivery and click and collect slots and aim to have 600’000 slots by the end of the month.

Now offering Volunteer Shopping Cards enabling others to shop on the behalf of customers who can’t shop for themselves.To find out more, visit https://bit.ly/2yq1Sgq

Contacted 270,000 customers identified as elderly, disabled or vulnerable.

Donating £3 million over the next 12 weeks to Fareshare ( a national network of charitable food redistributors) to redistribute food to those most in need during Corona Virus.

Now selling the Big Issue in store and online to support the magazine and it’s vendors.


Opening Times:NHS/Vulnerable Hours:Online shopping:Click & Collect:
All stores to close at 10pm

09.00-10.:00 NHS priority Tuesday & Thursdays with ID. 09:00-10:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday priority shopping for elderly and disabled customers and carers.

Existing customers only.Yes
Tesco Latest News

In conjunction with their partners Fareshare and The Trussell Trust Tesco are boosting their food donations by £15m so they can distribute more food to those who need it in the community.

To support the Artisan cheesemakers who are struggling due to restaurants and deli’s being closed, Tesco are offering a range of artisan cheeses to their customers.

Tesco have now reached 1 million delivery slots per week and in the next few weeks aim to reach 1.2 million.

They’ve been given a Government list of people considered to be vulnerable and are offering them priority access to delivery slots.

Over the weekend a new priority system was introduced to support care, NHS and emergency service workers to enable them to go straight to the front of the queue.

They’ve just announced there will be pop-up Tesco NHS Nightingale stores in Birmingham and London, open 24hrs a day to help frontline NHS Nightingale workers get the things they need when they need them.

Offering a £30 million food bank package over the next 3 months. 200 new vans, recruiting 2500 new drivers and 5000 pickers. Will have 1 million delivery slots this week approx 400’00 more than six weeks ago. 3 items per customer per product line. Hiring 20,000 temporary workers. Paying 10% bonus to all staff to thank them for the extra work


Opening Times:NHS/Vulnerable Hours:Online shopping:Click & Collect:

NHS staff priority shopping during browsing hour on Sunday plus 08:00-09:00 Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Existing customers only.Yes
Asda Latest News

Just launched is what Asda has claimed as one of the largest food boxes available for vulnerable customers and with delivery within 2 days. Each box will contain 31 different products ‘store cupboard’ essentials as well as some snacks. Priced at £30 including delivery. Visit foodboxes.asda.com

Asda have announced this morning (4th May) that they have emailed 3’500 care homes registered with Asda to offer them a priority pass for online shopping. In addition to this they are donating 250’000 medical grade face masks to care home to keep the residents and staff safe.

Introduced ‘Scan & Go’ at 541 stores where you can use your own device to scan your shopping,

Visit https://www.asda.com/about/instore/scan-and-go

In recent weeks Asda have increased their online shopping capacity from 450’00 slots to 700’000 slots per week.

Donating £5m to charities. Staff paid extra pay worth an additional week’s pay in June as a bonus. A Volunteer shopping card is now available to purchase for people wishing to shop for the vulnerable and elderly.


Opening Times:NHS/Vulnerable Hours:Online shopping:Click & Collect:
Mon-Sat 07:00-22:00

06:00-07:00 NHS Priority Monday to Saturday and 09:00-09.30 on Sunday (07:00-08.00 in Scotland) on production of an NHS badge.

Yes, but queuing system in placeNo
Morrison’s Latest News

Morrisons have added another box to their range the Fruit & Veg Box priced at £22 http://morrisons.com/food-boxes/boxes…

Just launched is their NHS Club which offers discounts and benefits including free flowers for all NHS workers. Click here to sign up https://my.morrisons.com/more/#/nhs

Morrisons have introduced a ‘Speedy Shopping’ lane for customers only filling baskets, to help cut down the queueing times in store.

They have introduced a British Food Box, £45 full of British produce including meat, dairy and vegetables. To help support British Farmers for every box sold £1 will be donated to British Farming Charities via The Princes Countryside Fund. www.morrisons.com/food-boxes/boxes

From tomorrow morning 11th May, Morrisons are cutting the price of fuel for all key workers and anyone making essential journeys.

Morrisons are also offering 10% off shopping for NHS staff until 12th July, sign up online here my.morrisons.com/more/#/nhs

An update to the Deliveroo service Morrisons are offering is an addition of alcohol to this service from this weekend. Shoppers will be asked for ID on delivery.

Morrisons are re-opening their BBQ and steaks bars alongside their fresh fish counters this week (4th May)

The latest addition to their food box range is The Best Meat Box £55 including free delivery for more information visit morrisons.com/food-boxes/boxes

Also available is a Gluten Free box for £35 and a BBQ Food box for £35.

Morrisons have launched a same day Deliveroo home delivery service from 130 of their stores with more to follow.

They’ve now set up a 10% NHS discount system and are also going to NHS car parks twice a day with Morrisons food boxes to enable key workers to get food quickly and easily at the end of shifts.

To add to their range of boxes and Assorted Fish Box, is now available which contains 18 portions of fish for £35 including delivery. Visit morrisons.com/food-boxes/box/Fresh-Fish-Box…

Morrisons have announced they’re re-opening the fresh meat counters with a 5% discount to farmer suppliers off their shop.

They have just launched Market Kitchen Meal Maker Meal Boxes, each box contains eight main meals, four different dishes for £30 inc delivery. Visit www.morrisons.com/food-boxes/

Also available is there Ramadan boxes which are £35 inc delivery. Visit http://morrisons.com/food-boxes

Donating £10m worth of stock to food banks. Lifting some purchasing restrictions to encourage more customer donations. Producing essential boxes for home delivery to vulnerable individuals.


Opening Times:NHS/Vulnerable Hours:Online shopping:Click & Collect:
NHS, Police and fire workers have priority access round the clock.

Lidl Latest News

Donating thousands of fresh fruit and vegetable bags to NHS staff.


Opening Times:NHS/Vulnerable Hours:Online shopping:Click & Collect:

NHS, Police and fire workers have priority access round the clock, plus 30 minutes prior to opening on Sunday

Aldi Latest News

Aldi have just introduced Aldi Vouchers a cashless way to shop by buying vouchers online for yourself or a friend. The voucher is then sent for you to spend like money in store. https://vouchers.aldi.co.uk

Now offering Food Parcels filled with 22 food items and household products for £24.99 delivered to your door. https://www.aldi.co.uk/food-parcels

10% bonus to staff. Easing limits on numbers of products, except nappies, pasta, beans, tomatoes, bread and alcohol (4pp still). Reduced payment terms, to include immediate payment for all suppliers with a turnover of less than £1m.


Opening Times:NHS/Vulnerable Hours:Online shopping:Click & Collect:

Priority shopping hours for NHS, police, fire services, army personnel, social care workers, teachers and Booths colleagues Mon-Sat 07:00-08:00 & 20:00-21:00 & 09:00-10:00 Sunday. Elderly and vulnerable customers 09.30-11.00 Monday- Friday

Yes and community delivery service for vulnerable customers within a 3 mile radiusYes on store discretion
Booths Latest News

Booths were pleased to recently donate to £10,000 to Cumbria Community Foundation’s COVID-19 Fund, which hopes to raise £3 million to help vulnerable people in Cumbria

Booths have now introduced a Click & Collect service for essential groceries in addition to their range of specialities.

Customers can now pay over the phone when someone is shopping on their behalf.

All staff given a £50 gift voucher and a personal letter of thanks from Edwin Booth last week.


Opening Times:NHS/Vulnerable Hours:Online shopping:Click & Collect:
8-5 in most branches

NHS staff will have priority checkout use, and can use the café for essentials set aside for them. All other vulnerable customers will be able to shop in the first hour of the day with priority.
Existing customers onlyNo
Waitrose Latest News

They have launched an e-gift card for the vulnerable, elderly or people self isolating, this can be bought online at johnlewisgiftcard.com an emailed to a friend or family member who is doing the shop for them.

In-store cafés converted into pop-up shops stocking essential products to help NHS staff shop more quickly.Dedicated NHS checkouts. Limit to three of each item. Launched a £1m Community Support Fund to provide direct aid for local communities, with branches deciding on where to spend the money locally. Additional local delivery services for vulnerable people isolated in their homes.

M&S Food

Opening Times:NHS/Vulnerable Hours:Online shopping:Click & Collect:
Variable – advise to check locally

NHS staff will have priority shopping on Tuesdays and Fridays and vulnerable customers on Mondays and Thursdays

M&S Food Latest News

M & S have also launched a range of food boxes, including a Wheat Free box, Meat Box, Seasonal Fruit Box, Mixed Vegetable Box, and a Select Mixed Vegetable Box, www.marksandspencer.com/l/gifts/food-boxes

Announced today (4th May) M&S have partnered with Deliveroo to give customers access to essential groceries.This service is available at selected stores and in over a 100 BP stores. www.marksandspencer.com/c/food-to-order/not-just-any-food/food-news/deliveroo

They have launched a ‘We’re all in this together’ E-Gift Card for the elderly, vulnerable or people self isolating. https://www.marksandspencer.com/all-in-this-together/p/p60282075

Launched boxes full of essentials for vulnerable customers. Contactless home delivery available.


Opening Times:NHS/Vulnerable Hours:Online shopping:Click & Collect:
Mostly 07:00-20:00

Priority shopping for NHS and vulnerable from 08:00-09:00 Mon-Sat and 10:00-11.00 Sun

Co-Op Latest News

Will donate £1.5m to food banks and £4.5m to local causes wihin the next two weeks


Opening Times:NHS/Vulnerable Hours:Online shopping:Click & Collect:

Opening branches from 08:00 for elderley customers and last hour of trade dedicated to NHS workers

Iceland Latest News

Now offering free next day delivery for any food order over £35.

Early to launch the priority shopping for vulnerable customers


Opening Times:NHS/Vulnerable Hours:Online shopping:Click & Collect:
N/AWorking to identify vulnerable customers and there is a form to fill in to request support onlineExisting customers onlyNo
Ocado Latest News

On 1st September Ocado are introducing 1,000s of Marks & Spencer products to their range of own-label and big brand products.

Following official advice from the World Health Organisation, they’ve temporarily stopped collecting bags for the safety of our drivers and customers.

Ocado shoppers in West London can now shop using Ocado Zoom to get shopping delivered in under an hour. https://zoom.ocado.com/

If you paid for a Smart Pass in March but were unable to get a delivery slot Ocado are offering a refund. http://ocado.com/smartpassrefund

Giving all frontline workers 10% bonus. Purchased 100,000 testing kits.


Opening Times:NHS/Vulnerable Hours:Online shopping:Click & Collect:
Very variable

No official policy that we can see – very regional.

Budgens Latest News

Blasted for upping the price of loo roll in some branches!

General foodie news

It’s been reported that there’s expected to be an upturn in the usage of food delivery, takeaways and recipe boxes in the coming week as lockdown measures are eased.

Previously paying more for food to be made for you , or using a recipe box was largely consumed as a ‘treat’. However now these options offer a break from the routine and with more operators re-opening for delivery, there is now a greater choice available than a few weeks ago.

Lidl says it has been forced to source fresh eggs from the Netherlands in a bid to keep up with soaring demand. Egg sales are up 20% since the start of the coronavirus crisis, leading to wide spread shortages. Uk supermarkets have largely stocked Uk sourced eggs since the salmonella outbreak in 1988 and led to the creation of British Lion accreditation scheme and an effective ban on imported eggs by major retailers. However a shortage of supply due to the avian flu outbreak earlier in the year, coupled with the increase in demand has led to Lidl looking for new supply routes.

Good news in Uk households is that as a nation we have become better at preventing food waste which is down by a third across staple foods such as bread, potatoes, chicken and milk. Households have been reporting that various measures have helped including better meal planning, better fridge management, higher levels of freezing and more creative usage of leftovers.

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